An Update

Hello, friends. Brenda here with a wee lil update regarding my writing career.

As you may have noticed, or will after reading this post, I have removed (and continue to remove) all author’s pages and content regarding any work I once had affiliated with Firefly and Wisp Publishing. This comes nearly a year after I made the decision to step out of the limelight and place my career on pause. Much has happened during this past year, both personally and professionally. While I am not at a place to disclose the details I would like to offer some peace of mind that I am not giving up on my writing career. No matter how many outside forces try to knock me down, I continue to stand tall and will prevail.

My novel series, The Forbidden Saga, has been placed on indefinite removal. The first novel in the series, Our Forbidden Love, was pulled from the shelves in March and will continue to remain unavailable. For those anxiously awaiting the second novel, Forbidden Prophet, I apologize… Maybe someday I will get back to this series but I don’t anticipate doing so any time soon.

My erotica pieces under the surname BL Hastings have also been flagged for removal.  At current time I do not have any plans on releasing these pieces elsewhere.

My contributions in anthologies will remain active, as I cannot shut down an entire book for one measly little story.

I apologize if this is as disappointing to you as it has been for me, but I assure you that you will be reading fresh content from me soon enough. I have several other stories that have been sitting in my personal library waiting for their turn in the sunlight, as well as a few new ideas bouncing around in my head. There may even be a collaboration or two in the works…

It has been a tough decision but a necessary one and one that I greatly appreciate your support in making. Your kind words have been a blessing.



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